monocrave is a production team comprised of music enthusiasts operating from london and tel aviv. we are here to bring you gigs by sought after artists who we have seen performing and who left us staggered by their live act.

our vision is to invigorate the live music scene in israel. working with the finest venues, we aim to help devoted fans quench their musical thirst by crafting unforgettable shows for both the artists and the audience.

shows we've promoted in tel aviv since 2008: Ibeyi, Zero7, Jose Gonzalez, Junip, Mudhoney, Okkervil River, The Notwist, Hooverphonic, among others.

international gigs in Israel - the calendar

contact us:

renan sol
producer, promoter (IL)
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shaun bretstein
producer, promoter (UK)
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for all other enquiries:
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